Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter, y'all!

Chocolate Easter bunnies with no ears
For Christians, Easter is the most important religious event of the year.

For candy manufacturers, Easter is well, pretty darn important, too.

Let's face it, candy does make holidays more celebratory. And Easter, being a spring holiday celebrating renewal and rebirth, has its own line-up of candies. Chewy ducks, chocolate rabbits, and jelly-bean eggs are just a few confections that come to mind when I think of Easter.

Now, I'm not going to get all food police-y on you. I'll just remind you that there are more alternatives than ever before to the candies that deliver payloads of artificial colors and flavorings directly to your innocent cells (OK, maybe I'm getting a little food police-y).  Sure, those natural or boutique candies are probably more expensive than the mass-produced ones, but maybe the higher price will bring the consumption down to where it should be - moderate.

And don't forget - real chocolate is free of artificial anything!

In honor of Easter, and your health, I'm linking to HealthTwisty's most popular post "Don't Eat the Oil."Even though that post was written for another candy-laden holiday (Halloween), it is a good primer on the politics that keep the much of the food quality in the United States at a very low level.

At any rate, if you celebrate Easter - have a wonderful, joyful day! If you like candy - read your labels and shop around.



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